Say “no” – to repairs, agents, listings, closing costs, and hassles.

The Cincinnati Property Twins are serious about buying your property – even if it needs a lot of work. You avoid the hassle of listing the house – and paying big bucks to a realtor. We even cover closing costs. Call or text 513-445-2274 for a ballpark offer.

Property in probate?


For every property owner who ever said, “I need to sell my house … fast!”

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For 20 yearswhen Cincinnati-area property owners have needed to sell their houses fast, they’ve sold to the “Cincinnati Property Twins.” 

Here's why:

The Painter twins pay fair market value

They’ll buy your house “as is”

They have cash to buy immediately 

You avoid real estate brokerage fees

The Painters pay all closing costs 

They close and give you cash in 10 days

650+ sellers have trusted the Painters

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Get ready to breathe easier. Mitch and Matt Painter – the Cincinnati Property Twins – are ready to make a fair market value offer on your house and close in as little as 10 days. Don’t bother making repairs or painting. Heck, don’t even clean the place. Just do one thing right now:



Mitch Painter says, “We buy houses – including those in a state some people consider ‘not pretty’ – for cash. From there, our partners fix them up and make them beautiful. For property owners who need to sell a house fast and receive proceeds quickly, we offer the chance to sell without a realtor and get their cash in as little as 10 days.” 

The Painter twins have extensive experience in probate property. They’re very familiar with the process and can work through it with you. They can make your purchase contingent upon approval by a probate court, to relieve you of worries about being held to the contract if the probate court doesn’t release the property. The Painters are flexible with timing as well. If your probate case takes longer than expected, or you need more time for any reason, no problem.

Cincinnati born and raised – and committed to this city.

The Painter twins have bought more than 650 homes in Cincinnati over the past 20 years. These dedicated Cincinnati residents believe in operating with integrity – and in giving back to their city. If you need to sell your house fast – “as is” – and get your cash quickly, see why the Cincinnati Property Twins are known for ethical relationships.

“It was a deal that needed to go down fairly quickly. Its condition? Lots of work needed. It needed to be sold ‘as is.’ (The Painters’ offer was) very fair.”


About that ballpark offer.

The Painter twins make it easy for Cincinnati property owners to sell a house “as is” – fast! Call or text us at 513-445-2274 or respond below to give us some basic information. From there, we’ll typically be able to make a ballpark offer within 24 hours, even if we don’t initially get the chance to see the inside of your house.

Mitch Painter’s Hyde Park home.

The Cincinnati Property Twins buy:

Request Your Ballpark OfferRequest Your Ballpark OfferRequest Your Ballpark OfferRequest Your Ballpark OfferRequest Your Ballpark OfferRequest Your Ballpark Offer

Two easy steps to sell your Cincinnati property “as is” for fair market value in the next 10 days:

1. Meet the “Cincinnati Property Twins” by viewing the short video
2. Click the button to get a FREE ballpark offer for your property

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